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This silly little tool, more than anything, was made to have an excuse to try out the twitter API and to experiment with PWAs.

Made with confusion, curse words and a little bit of love, too, by valentin.


1. This tweet framing thing is not an original idea! Many people had this idea before!

That's not even a question.

2. Why is it called FAQ?

Good question. It would be equally appropriate to call it FGA (frequently given answers) I suppose. I dunno, FAQ just somehow is the standard?

3. Why does Framethattweet not support images?

Yeaahh, tell me all about your first world problems.

4. Is the earth flat?

No. No, it fucking isn't. Educate yourself.

5. Why tho?

The world or the framethattweet thing? Now I'm confused. If it's about the thing: Well, I dunno? Was fun to build, I guess?


If you share a framed tweet via the twitter sharing function, the image is first posted to @framethtattweet and then linked. If I don't like what you shared, I may delete the post on @framethtattweet, which in turn will delete the image in your tweet. What can I say, the world is unfair and you don't HAVE TO use this service... ooor you can just use the download function.


There seems to be a problem :(
Could be you are offline, or the backend crashed, or the twitter-API is down...
there is something in the input field, but it is not a link... 🤔
X not gonna give it to ya... 🤦
The artist formerly known as Twitter now charges for it's API functions that allowed this tool to exist. Alas, it works no more.